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The device, which performs corona testing with breath, is in the trial phase

by imleme

Covid-Air, a virus scanning tool that analyzes the Covid-19 virus by breath, is being tested in Lyon, France.

As efforts continue to develop vaccines against corona virus worldwide, work is also being done on devices that work faster to test for the virus.

The “Covid-Air” virus screening tool, developed jointly by Lyon University Hospital, Lyon 1 Claude Bernard University and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France, is being tested at a vaccination and testing centre.

After a person blows into an alcohol meter-like tube, the device results by analyzing the breath given in less than 1 minute. Comparing results with PCR tests to verify the reliability of the device and compare data.


Commenting on the device, Christian George, director of the CNRS and Lyon 1 University, said, “We have a chemical fingerprint that appears in every breath, and in this composition we can see the presence or absence of chemical tracers of Covid-19 so that we can make a positive or negative diagnosis about the presence of the virus.”

So far, 3,000 people have participated in the trial, which will continue until the end of May. Thanks to the rapid results of the device, it is aimed to be used in places that require rapid diagnosis, such as airports.


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