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Dollar exchange rate, bitcoin, ethereum and altcoins latest
by imleme
Quarter gold is at 818 lira, Dollar at 8.61 TL and Euro/TL at 10.31. 18 June 2021 instant and current gold and dollar prices... Quarter gold is sold at 818 lira and Republic gold at 3,337 lira. How much have the quarter gold prices been today? 18 June 2021 instant and current gold prices... The dollar/TL…
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How to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC)?
by imleme
As Bitcoin rises in popularity and gets more mainstream coverage, people get more and more interested in the crypto space. We’ve learned the basics of Bitcoin, now it’s time to see how can we buy some BTC and start riding the crypto train. Financial note: The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and requires a good…
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Bitcoin fell 4.08%, Ethereum fell 6.17%
by imleme
In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin fell 4.08 percent to $ 52,622.37, while Ethereum fell 6.17 percent to $ 1,586.64 in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin, which fluctuated between $ 52,129.25 and $ 57,262.38 in the last 24 hours, fell 4.08 percent to $ 52,622.37, while the weekly loss of the unit was calculated at…
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Bitcoin fell 1.28 percent, Ethereum fell 3.13 percent
by imleme
Bitcoin, which fluctuated between $ 54,253.58 and $ 60,116.25 in the last 24 hours, fell 1.28 percent to $ 58,043.28, while the weekly earnings of the unit were calculated as 1.59 percent.   Ethereum, the second largest unit of the crypto money markets, also fell 3.13 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 1,784.77,…
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