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Youn Yuh-Jung: Brad Pitt promised, but I don’t believe american words

Youn Yuh-Jung, who took the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award from Brad Pitt at the 2021 Academy Awards, described what he and the famous actor talked about backstage. “I also told him to come to Korea. He promised to come, but I don’t believe much in the words of the Americans.”

South Korean player Youn Yuh-Jung, 93. At the Academy Awards, she was named ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her performance in ‘Minari’. Yuh-Jung received his award from Brad Pitt, who was also one of the film’s producers.


It was among the most memorable moments of the night when the Asian actor turned to Pitt backstage as he gave his thank you speech, asking, “Where were you during the shoot?”

Speaking to NBC News after the ceremony, the 73-year-old told Brad Pitt what he said after he got off the stage.

“I told him to pay more for the film,” Youn Yuh-Jung said, speaking to Pitt, who is among the producers of the film with the production company.


He then continued:

I also told him to come to Korea. He promised he’d come, but I don’t believe much in american words. His words are too fancy. He said something else that my performance was very respectable and I’m old. I don’t fall for those words.


When asked if he would star in another Hollywood film, Youn Yuh-Jung said:

When some projects come in America, people in Korea think I admire Hollywood. No, I don’t admire Hollywood. If I come to America and work, maybe I can see my son one more time. It’s a feeling from the bottom of my heart.

Meanwhile, the Asian star won the ‘Best Supporting Actress Oscar’ for her role as a Korean grandmother in Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari, as well as bafta and SAG awards.



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