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World heritage ancient city of Aizanoi

Thousands of years of history, work is being completed in 2023 in Aizanoi, the city of the first of the most important temples in human history.

The efforts to introduce the ancient city of Aizanoi in the Ryehisar District of Kütahya, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Provisional List and is home to the best preserved Temple of Zeus in Anatolia, will be completed in 2023. Aizanoi is one of the most important cities of the Roman period, with the world’s first stock exchange, the world’s best-preserved Temple of Zeus and the stadium-theatre complex, one of the world’s first examples. The construction of a stadium with a capacity of 13,500 people and a theater with a capacity of 20,000 people in the north of the city is the only example of ancient history.

The governor of Kütahya, Ali Celik, conducted surveys in the Ancient City of Aizanoi. Vali Celik said the Penkalas River Project will be completed in 2021, the work in the theater will be completed in 2022 and the stadium in 2023. During governor Celik’s inspection visit, Macellum stated that derelict buildings around Columned Street and Penkalas Creek were destroyed. Vali Celik, who examined the Penkalas River and its surroundings, where the Roman bridges are located, said that the project to float boats in Aizanoi, as in antiquity, would be completed in 2021.


Describing Aizanoi as the city of the firsts, Governor Celik said, “The recognition of Aizanoi means the recognition of our city and even our country. Our goal is to preserve history and culture, and to bring this place economically to the service sector. In Aizanoi, we will quickly implement the efforts to ensure the harmony and integration of ancient and social tissue. Work on the theatre will be completed in 2022 and the stadium in 2023.”


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