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What is the new Facebook platform Hotline? How to set

After the success of Clubhouse in a short time like a year, the social media giant increased its work to develop an audio application. He is considering competing with the Hotline with Twitter and Clubhouse, which he has seen as rivals for many years.

The application, which has not been published yet, is managed by Eric Hazzard, who developed the question – answer application TBH, which was acquired by Facebook in 2017.

New applications are regularly developed by Facebook’s NPE (New Product Experiment) division and shared with users. Finally, the section, which revealed the application they named Hotline, managed to attract the attention of technology enthusiasts.

Another remarkable feature of the Hotline is that it automatically records conversations. While this is advantageous for content styles such as podcasts, it makes us think that the instant and temporary sharing feature offered by Clubhouse will not be attractive.


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