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What is description in psychology?

Psychology; It is a branch of science that examines human behaviors and their underlying causes together with their mental processes.


As in other branches of science, psychology has a number of goals. Psychology tries to understand the basics of human behavior within the framework of these purposes. If we briefly discuss what these goals are, we can explain them under four headings as description, explanation, prediction and control. These;

Description : Describing behavior is the first and main purpose of psychology, and description is the definition of behaviors. Exploring and defining behaviors is the first step of description. For example, “What is Behavior? What is a Stimulant? By asking questions such as ”, they are tried to be defined. After this description, the defined concepts are classified. In the last stage, the cause-effect relationship between the concepts is revealed.

Explanation : Here, there is an in-depth explanation of theories and explanation of theoretical principles and laws. E.g; Gestalt Perception Principles explain the organizational forms of stimuli in visual perception.
Prediction (Prediction): Prediction is the prediction of events. The prediction can be made based on the research results. Prediction can also be made by establishing the relationships specified in laws and principles and theories.

Control: Events and behaviors are tried to be brought under control by means of prediction (that is, by predicting events and behaviors).


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