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Twitter is testing a new e-commerce feature

Twitter has announced that it is testing Shop Module, a new e-commerce feature on its platform. With its new feature, Twitter is trying to enable users to shop without leaving the platform.

As e-commerce continues to grow and social media platforms continue to make strides in this regard, another move has come from Twitter. The platform has begun testing a new feature called Shop Module. With Shop Module, users will be able to navigate between products to learn more about the business and shop without leaving the Twitter app.

Twitter plans to capitalize on the social commerce consumer market, which exploded during the corona virus pandemic with its new feature and is projected to grow over the next three to five years.


Twitter first logged into e-commerce in 2014 with the “Buy Now” button, which places product links in tweets. The company has since tried to focus on advertising sales, but announced on Twitter Analyst Day last spring that they intend to rediscover e-commerce.

On Twitter Analyst Day 2021, Twitter’s Bruce Falck said, “We know that people come to Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products. Now they will be able to track products with just a few clicks”, signaling the new feature.

Twitter also announced earlier this year that businesses will be able to use the He also introduced several e-commerce-related features, such as Professional Profiles, which allow them to view their addresses, phone numbers, and working hours on their profiles.

Shop Module is still in testing and is currently only available to about 12 businesses in lifestyle, retail and entertainment, Tech Crunch reported.

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