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The mask made up from their passports

Two social media phenomena wearing mask makeup on their faces in Bali have had their passports confiscated for violating the ban, while they could be deported.

While the measures taken to combat corona virus, which continues to have an effect around the world, differed from country to country, two social media phenomena in Indonesia experienced the sting of their lives with their mask jokes. Two social media phenomena, Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se, who wanted to enter the store without masks, were first stopped by the security guard saying they could not enter without a mask.

Social media phenomena that were not allowed in the market decided to make a mask joke. The pair, who were driving in their nearby vehicle, returned to the store once again after they drew masks on Leia Se’s face. The phenomena that managed to enter the market with mask makeup were stunned. Paler and Se, who were taken in undisturbed by the security guard, shared these moments on their social media accounts.


The images, which were quickly viewed thousands of times, were the beginning of what happened to the phenomena. The pair, who have been criticised, removed the images from their social media accounts and apologised. But while apologies for the phenomena were not enough, the images prompted authorities to act this time. The couple’s passport was confiscated after they entered the store without a mask. This time, the deportation of the phenomena is on the agenda. After reviews by the Immigration Office and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, it will be decided whether to deport social media phenomena.


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