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The latest situation in currency and gold prices on March 26

The USD / TL was at the level of 7.98 at 09:00 this morning. At the same hour, euro / TL at 9.3215 / 9.3480, on a basket basis at TL 8.6453 / 8.6500. At the same time, gram gold is at the level of 441 TL.


Gram gold prices started the day on Friday, March 26, with a horizontal motion in the free market today. According to the data recorded at 08:00, gram gold is traded at a buying price of 440 lira and a selling price of 444 lira.

According to the data recorded at 08:00, the quarter gold is traded at a selling price of 722 lira for 707 lira.

The dollar / TL , which started the week by rising to 8.47  , is trading at 7.95 on the last day of the week. Euro / TL  , on the other hand, is in the band of 9.35-9.36 on the last trading day of the week, after seeing 10.08 on Monday.


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