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The best sounding eyewear and sunglasses models for 2021

Glasses with integrated micro speakers and Bluetooth connectivity proliferate, Bose and Amazon lead the way. So what are the best sound glasses on the market?


Bose tops the list with Frames loud sunglasses. Amazon is now on the market with the second generation Echo Frames.
The truth is that most audio sunglasses don’t sound good, and most sound is downright bad, especially those that use bone conduction technology instead of traditional audio drivers.

The glasses’ small embedded speakers send the sound to your ears, and that sound tends to be lacking in the bass and clarity part. The sound is typically on par with a pair of free headphones you’d get on an airplane, and sometimes worse. They also tend to ooze some sound at higher volumes, which means people standing nearby can hear your voice.

Best sound best for sports
Bose Tempo Frames

Water resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash proof).
If you are looking for the best sounding pair of sound glasses with the best overall performance that includes call quality and battery life, you will get Bose Frames Tempo. It is a sports model, designed for runners and cyclists in appearance, and although slightly bulky, it sits confidently on your head.

Tempo offers slightly better sound and battery life than the more traditional looking Tenor and Soprano (see below). Tempo has better features in every way, with USB-C charging and larger 22mm drives. It also offers up to 8 hours of battery life.

Their sounds are definitely improved from original Frames. Bose says Tempo “plays deeper and louder – loud enough to cycle at 25 mph – it can also hear the traffic and your training partners.” It is sweat, weather, scratch and break resistant, and fits under most protective helmets, according to Bose.

Razer Anzu
Water resistant
 : Yes (IPX4 rating – splash proof).
Razer made a surprising introduction to the audio glasses arena, and the result is surprisingly good. Razer Anzu comes in round and square versions in two different size options.

In terms of sound, it probably lags slightly behind the Bose Tenor and Soprano below (like these models, the Anzu has 16mm drivers), but it pulls a bit of bass pretty close, but has more bass than some.

The smaller version weighs 43 grams, the larger version 48 grams. By comparison, Echo Frames, the lightest sonorous glasses on this list, weighs 31 grams. The goggles include 35% blue light filtering lenses along with a set of polarized sunglass lenses (you can easily replace them).

They are IPX4 water resistant (they are splash proof) so you can use them while running – sound glasses work very well when running and cycling because they leave your ears open so you can hear the traffic. Battery life has been rated for up to five hours at medium volume levels.

Razer, bir “oyun yaşam tarzı” şirketi olduğundan, düşük gecikmeli Bluetooth teknolojisini vurguluyor – “özelleştirilmiş Bluetooth 5.1 bağlantısının sorunsuz, kesintisiz ses için endüstri lideri 60 ms gecikme süresi sağladığını” söylüyor.
İOS ve Android için Razer Anzu yardımcı uygulaması, aygıt yazılımı güncellemelerini etkinleştirir, EQ ayarlamaları (varsayılan, gelişmiş netlik veya tiz yükseltme) yapmanızı, gecikme ayarlarına erişmenizi ve pil durumunu kontrol etmenizi sağlar. Onlarla arama yapabilir ve bir düğmeye basarak sanal asistanınıza erişebilirsiniz.

The best daily sound sunglasses
Bose Tenor and Soprano

Water resistant : No (no IPX rating).
Like Tempo, the Tenor and Soprano are part of Bose’s second-generation audio sunglasses range, but while Tempo is more sports-oriented, these models are designed to look like standard sunglasses.

They are slimmer than the original Bose Alto and Rondo Frames and have a glossy finish. The Tenor fits my face better than the Soprano, which, as the name suggests, Bose targets women who like oversized sunglasses.

Bose has improved the sound on Tenor and Soprano, and the battery life is better. Charging with a pogo-pin cable instead of USB-C takes up to 5.5 hours instead of around 3.5 hours. Both sunglasses play a little louder than the original Frames and the bass response is better, so the music is fuller and richer.

Most comfortable
Amazon Echo Frames

Water resistant : Yes (IPX4 rating – splash proof).
Amazon’s Reverb Frames have Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built in, so you can ask what the weather is, get the news and sports scores, skip forward your music and control your Alexa smart home products without touching your glasses.

They are fine in terms of sound, but they are lacking in the bass section and are very inferior to Bose Frames in terms of sound. However, it is currently a good option for vocal glasses.

(Horizon Blue version shown in the picture) and battery life is rated at a modest 4 hours for music playback. Like Bose Frames (except Tempo), they charge via a proprietary pogo-pin cable. A nice carrying case is included.

The most stylish
Fauna sound glasses

Water resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash proof).
Austria-based Fauna has launched sound glasses available in several different style options. They make them feel great and are among the most stylish sound glasses on the market.

These glasses charge their cases with an integrated USB-C port. They have a quality look and feel, and this is also true for their situation. The sound quality is better than what you get from most sound glasses.

The best clip-on speaker accessory for glasses
JLab JBuds Frames

This is an intriguing concept that JLab describes as a bring your own frame design, but calling these headphones “frames” obviously looks a little grumpy and a bit disingenuous. However, I took a review sample and we tell you that these sounds are almost as good as Bose Frames and they are also good enough for searching.

JLab says the JBuds Frames contain “two independently operating Bluetooth true wireless audio devices that can be worn at the temples of sunglasses, glasses and similarly blue-blocking glasses.” It has 16mm drivers and JLab says your music “can’t be heard by those nearby,” but from my tests it is only valid when you’re listening to sound at more reasonable volumes.

Battery life is rated at 8 hours, and the clip-on devices are IPX4 waterproof, making them splash-proof. They charge via a proprietary pogo-pin cable.


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