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The best gaming keyboards recommendation for 2021

The best gaming keyboard will be a different option for each play style and level. So deciding what’s right for you often depends on budget and personal preference.

The Glorious PC Gaming Race GMMK gaming keyboard
GMMK is the best opportunity in gaming keyboards. Yes, there are cheaper options, but the design and features of GMMK (Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard) are Full, TKL tenkeyless and available in 60% sizes and black in silver colors or white, the keyboard is modular and allows you to change key switches quickly.

It comes standard with ABS doubleshot keycaps on top of Gateron Brown tactile switches, which work well for both gaming and typing. But you can also customize the keyboard with one of the other 13 Gateron or Kailh switches, or with the company’s Glorious Panda switches. You will definitely feel it with a smooth yet tactile bump. Or you can just take the board and put in your preferred key. The same goes for keycaps.

The full-size keyboard has an attached braided USB cable with three-way routing from the bottom of the board (it also has a keycap puller at the bottom). The two smaller cards have removable cables. GMMK has a metal upper with nice beveled edges. It is a modern design with only the basics; You won’t find extra media controls or a volume dial or a large, bulky body that can be used with them. The bottom is plastic, but you can’t see it unless you lift the board, and along with the metal top, it has a tab that holds it in place on your table.
Even if you never change keys or keycaps, this is an excellent gaming keyboard. What makes GMMK stand out is the fact that you have the option to do these with ease.

Corsair K70 RGB TKL A
compact, non-tenkey version of the excellent full-size K70 RGB MK.2 gaming keyboard from Corsair, the K70 RGB TKL is designed for esports but has features that any competitive gamer will appreciate. It uses Corsair’s Axon processing technology to achieve a polling rate of up to 8,000 Hz, which virtually eliminates the possibility of input lag costing you a victory. At 8,000 Hz, it reports keystrokes every 0.125ms and has a 4,000Hz key sweep rate – four times faster than competitive keyboards – so it both detects and transmits keystrokes much faster than the average gaming keyboard with a 1,000 Hz polling rate.

Corsair used Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, but will also be offered with MX Speed ​​or Silent switches in some regions. Normal linear Red switches are good fast, smooth and reliable. It has per-key RGB backlighting that glows with durable double-hit PBT keycaps, and Corsair also includes some textured keycaps for gaming. The layout of the keyboard is better for traveling and has a detachable braided USB-A-USB-C cable.

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Next to the cable entry, you’ll find a switch that turns the keyboard into tournament-ready mode. This makes the backlighting static and disables macro activations so there are no accidental presses during gameplay. However, you can still use other keys such as media and volume controls and change profiles.

Corsair’s iCue software has recently been overhauled to make it easier to set up lighting, program macros, and remap switches. While you can create unlimited profiles and lighting layers that are accessible when using iCue, you can also save up to 50 individual profiles in the keyboard’s built-in memory. These can be accessed even without running iCue and on systems that do not support iCue. You can also store up to 20 lighting layers.

The Logitech G Pro X
is our best tenkeyless (or TKL, ie no numeric keypad) gaming keyboard right now. A step up Pro standard G, Pro X switches are available for sure you choose the feel you want with Logitech’s GX, each sets of blue Clicky red linear and brown tactile switches with interchangeable switches. Removing and replacing keys is simple and makes it easy to customize your experience. Modding is now very easy.

The overall design of the keyboard is not too different from our second pick, the G Pro. It is made for esports and its small, sturdy construction and detachable braided cable are ideal for travel. Logitech’s G Hub software is easy to use, so you won’t spend too much time looking for settings or control options. It is also easy to add macros to function keys.

The HyperX Alloy Elite 2
Elite 2 is a more powerful version of the HyperX’s thinner, lighter Alloy Origins and Origins Core TKL keyboards. The Elite 2 has a more solid steel frame rather than an aluminum frame, which adds some weight to keep it on your desk. There’s a thick braided cable attached to the back and a switchable USB 2.0 port for your wired gaming mouse or wireless receiver.

The backlit keyboard is generally larger with the addition of a light bar above the function keys and a separate bar with media controls and buttons for adjusting the backlight brightness, selecting and turning on one of the three custom light modes you can store on the keyboard. Game Mode that shuts down the Windows key and other key combinations that can affect your gameplay.

However, as with the Origins models, the Elite 2 uses the company’s self-developed Red linear key switch features instead of the original Cherry MX switch. The smooth and fast HyperX Reds are comparable to the Cherry MX Red switch and perform equally well and should satisfy most gamers.

The switches use surface-mounted RGB backlight LEDs that are incredibly bright, so if you want a good light show from your gaming keyboard, this won’t disappoint. Plus, the keyboard is tuned with HyperX ABS pudding keycaps that let the light shine through its translucent edges.

Whirlwind FX
Whirlwind FX simply made a splash a few years ago with Vortx, a black box that uses audio and video cues from the PC game you are playing and blows you hot or cold air to immerse you in the experience. A nearby screen explosion will trigger a burst of hot air from the Vortx.

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You can adjust the per-key RGB lighting of the keyboard to have different effects during normal use, including various games, and during media playback. For example, I tested it with the newly released effects for Minecraft: Dungeons, these effects essentially reproduce everything on the screen with keyboard lights. It adds an element of immersion, but in games like Fortnite where the keyboard lights are immersive and helpful, the integration looks better, turning all-over pink and red when you take damage, purple when you add experience, and green when you heal.

However, while there is a lot you can do with lights, you cannot set macros or remap keys other than setting F1-F4 keys to launch applications of your choice. The keyboard itself becomes slim and sturdy with Gateron switches, and you can choose from red linear, brown tactile or blue Clicky. And if you really want to enjoy the lights, you can replace the matte black keycaps with a set of black custard covers or lightheads that are translucent white with black bottoms on top and markings on the front.

Das Keyboard X50Q keyboard
Das Keyboard may be known for its keyboards with blank keycaps, but the X50Q stands out for another reason: it’s one of their smart keyboards that uses drag and drop apps to let you receive notifications for different services.

For example, you can set one of the RGB backlit keys to change the color when you receive an email from a specific sender in your Gmail account. The selection of apps for the keyboard is limited, but there are some useful apps, including apps that pop up when one of them is for Twitch and one is a deal in a game you expect to buy. If you decide to build your own application, an API is also available.

The keyboard uses Omron Gamma Zulu switches, made for the Das Keyboard, which are tactile but also soft and relatively quiet for a mechanical keyboard. I prefer a tactile switch for typing and gaming, so these are just fine. The X50Q’s software allows you to program lighting, set macros, and do everything else you would expect from a high-quality keyboard.

At the top right is a full set of media keys and a volume button that feels like a desktop command center with smart notifications. And this thing is built like a tank. Also, Das Keyboard includes a soft-touch wrist rest to attach to the keyboard and hold it in place. So you get great value for money, especially if you want a single mechanical keyboard for gaming and work.

Razer Huntsman Elite
Best gaming keyboard If you are into mechanical keyboards, oh is there a device for you? This mechanical gaming keyboard is currently our top pick for a great gaming experience, and most of it has to do with lighting effects. This programmable key Razer keyboard is solid in design and performance, with Razer’s Purple opto-mechanical switches offering fast response time performance and good typing experience if you love clicky, tactile feedback.

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There are media controls but it would be nice if the icons on them light up, not just outside and they can be programmed like any other button.

Razer’s Synapse software gives you comprehensive control over the setup of the full-size keyboard, but you can stick to the presets if you’re not making changes to the settings. In addition to the per-key lighting, there is also a light strip that travels outside the keyboard and a padded wrist rest that attaches magnetically to the keyboard.

This is a wired keyboard so it consumes a second USB port on your computer, and the Huntsman Elite has no USB passthrough to compensate for this.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO
Roccat developed the key to this mechanical keyboard called Titan. It is a silent, tactile switch and has a well-defined impact when operated without shaking, and is robust and responsive for play. The shallow keycap and key design makes the keys appear to hover above the metal case, giving the feel of an island-style keyboard. Vulcan is also suitable for typing, but I liked it better when playing games.

The company’s Swarm software is not as easy to use as the others, but you will find the same type of design tools for creating custom lighting setups and macros with different profiles. Among other things, you can even make your keystrokes sound like laser bursts or typewriters through your speakers or headphones. And if you have other AIMO devices, the lighting can be matched between them.

Other extras on this mechanical gaming keyboard include a knob that adjusts volume and brightness for RGB lighting per key and a wrist rest, but the latter is hard plastic and loosely attached so it can move a little while gaming.

Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard
Most gamers swear by wired keyboards, and for good reason: The wired keyboard eliminates latency and possible signal interference. However, I haven’t experienced it while testing the G915 using the Lightspeed wireless adapter. This wireless gaming keyboard can also be connected via Bluetooth and the battery life is pretty good as long as you keep the backlight off or low.

RGB lighting per key and all keys can be programmed with Logitech’s G Hub software. Working with the app is generally easy, and you can set up to three profiles that you can change without opening the software.

Its compact size and company’s low profile GL Tactile switches make it a suitable choice for business and play; that’s a good thing considering it’s $ 230. You can get this with GL Clicky or GL Linear keys and in two colors.


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