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Setting Up Hotmail Email Address on iPhone

You can easily set up your accounts such as Hotmail, Outlook Mail, Live Mail to the iPhone Mail program.

Setting up hotmail or outlook mail to iPhone smart phones is extremely simple. Set up your Hotmail, Outlook Mail, LiveMail address to the iPhone Mail program by following the iPhone screenshots below . Hotmail is easy to set up. If you do not want to look at the long photo narration below, follow these instructions briefly.

Settings> Passwords and accounts> Add Account> Outlook.com> type your email address and next> type your password and sign in> tap yes on the access alert page> Save

Finally, if 2-step security is open from the Hotmail security options, enter the code received from your phone on the last page and confirm. That’s all the setup. Return to the iPhone home screen, tap the “Mail” icon, open the program and start sending and receiving mail.

Don’t have an email account? If you do not have an email address with the extension hotmail.com, outlook.com or outlook.com.tr, you can open a free email account at outlook.live.com .

1- From the iPhone home screen, tap on Settings .

2- Tap Passwords & Accounts .

3- Tap Add Account to set up a new account

4- Tap on Outlook.com from the page that opens . (All addresses with extensions such as @ hotmail.com, @ hotmail.com.tr, @ outlook.com, @ outlook.com.tr, @ live.com are installed from this step.)

5- Write your email address (  such as your name @ hotmail or your name@outlook.com.tr )

6- Type the password of your account. Tap Sign In .

7- On the page that will open, there will be a security information that the iPhone Mail program will access your account information. Read it and click Yes .

8- In the page that will open, you can open the information to be obtained from your Hotmail or outlook mail page. If you don’t know, tap save without taking action . Optionally, if 2-step verification via Hotmail is enabled, a confirmation window like the one below may appear. In this case, a verification code will be sent to your phone as an SMS. You can use the mail program after entering this verification code from the screen below.

You have completed the mesap setup. You can now send and receive mail by opening the Mail program from the iPhone home screen.

Hotmail is one of the best e-mail alternatives that you can use for free with its high data capacity, extremely secure, anti-spam features and filtering features. It is also very easy to install on Outlook desktop software. It can be preferred for individual users with its advanced calendar, contacts and other features.

Free email addresses are not very suitable for small and medium-sized companies. You want a corporate email address. Call us or buy here.

Hotmail History

Hotmail installed the first Microsoft?
Of course no. It was first established by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996 to provide free e-mail services with the support of a company called Draper Fisher Jurvetson. It gained immense popularity in a short time and reached nearly 8 million users in the first year. Seeing that it is growing rapidly, microsoft bought Hotmail. With the support of Microsoft, Hotmail increased its popularity with its antispam, antivirus and high storage capacity for its time. It has also added features like microsoft Hotmail enhanced calendar and address book. Microsoft soon redesigned the Hotmail brand as MSN Hotmail. Hotmail became a serious competitor to Google’s Gmail service, which later turned it into Windows Live Hotmail in 2005. Hotmail 2012 in Outlook. It was restructured under the name of com and gathered other mail addresses on a single platform. Today, all microsoft mail service users can log in to @ msn.com, @ live.com, @ passport.com, @ outlook.com and many more email addresses on a single platform and use all features. Today, all services are gathered under the name of Office365.


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