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Pinterest is releasing new code and tools to moderate comments

Pinterest said on Wednesday that if a user is about to post a hurtful or offensive statement, it is publishing new rules and tools to moderate comments, including a “positivity reminder.”

The introduction of new features and guidelines known as the Content Creator Code highlights how social media platforms are responding to criticism that they are not doing enough to prevent online bullying, harassment and harassment.

“In an era where the story about tech companies behaves in ways that seem inhumane, Pinterest is as always committed to building a human-centric tech company,” said Evan Sharp, co-founder and chief designer of design, and Pinterest’s creative officer attended a virtual event on Wednesday. .

Users will need to agree to the Creator Code before submitting a Story Pin that allows them to post a series of photos and videos with text, music or voiceovers. The code outlines rules such as the practice of being polite, checking and including facts.

Pinterest will remind you to stay positive if you’re about to post an offensive or offensive comment on their site.

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Pinterest, with more than 450 million users worldwide, is under fire for allegations of discrimination in the workplace. The company filed a $ 22.5 million gender discrimination lawsuit in 2020. Two former Pinterest employees, both Black women, also said they faced racial discrimination last year and received low wages at the company.

As part of its diversity efforts, the company has launched a fund aimed at providing education, advice, and financial support to content creators from underrepresented US communities.

“We are not always perfect, but we always care and support our diligence with action,” Sharp said.

The image sharing site also said it offers new tools that allow creators to filter keywords in comments and remove comments. They can also display positive comments by highlighting three comments in their comment stream.


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