Backlinks from quality social bookmarking sites allow you to be listed faster and higher. Regular use of these sites is a must.

  • Do not make an effort to add your website or other sites you own to all the bookmarking sites listed below, and only one page at a time. This situation harms your site.
  • Applying these resources to your main domain, that is, your micro sites for your website, will give you healthier results.
  • Avoid excessively using a single keyword in your bookmarking work. You can use different keywords to balance keyword density and include long-tail keywords as well.
  • It is healthier to add text manually (manually) without using any program.
  • Make your shares intermittently, within regular intervals. Avoid fast link building operations.
  • Each of the bookmarking sites I have shared below has its own distinct features. (Sharing a link by adding an image, sharing an article by adding an article, adding a link, etc.)