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Meaningful Friday messages are just as beautiful Friday words

Friday, June 19, 2020 The newest, shortest and longest meaningful Friday messages and remarks…


Do not trust this world, do not come, do not come, do not stop, love of God will not die, let your heart be your place of faith, heaven, good Friday …

Do you have any information about the time when prayers are accepted on Friday… Then it is from the time the imam sits on the pulpit until the prayer is performed. May your prayers be accepted…

May my Lord help us with our ego, CELALI, our heart, JEMAL, our life, RESPECT our mistakes, and MUHAMMED in the apocalypse. Have a good Friday.

May Allah be worshiped with the adhan, worshiping with the adhan, and be a believer who comes to peace with the prayer and approaches with Sajda and understands his servant with prayer. Amine! Have a good Friday.

May your Cula be Mubarak, wishing that God will forgive his believers, who created us from nothing, informed us of their existence, created and tested, and tested and patience!


Anlamlı Cuma mesajları bir o kadar güzel Cuma sözleri


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