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Important claim for the new iPhone 13: Apple will go to radical change

It was claimed that the manufacturer of the iPhone, Apple, will change the screen in the new model to be introduced in 2021. It is stated that Apple has agreed with its supplier Samsung for screens with more refresh rates.


An important claim has been made regarding Apple’s new iPhone model, which is expected to be introduced in September.

It is stated that the company will radically change the screens in the iPhone 13 model. In the claim made by Korea-based The Elec, it was stated that Apple received a 120 Hz LTPO OLED panel from Samsung.


The detail that emerged after the review on Apple’s supply line reveals that the company will prefer a screen that will increase energy savings in new iPhones.

The biggest feature of the 120 Hz LTPO OLED screen, which is the favorite screen of the new generation flagship phones, is that the screen refresh rate changes according to the need.

It is a frequently used expression when describing the screens of Hertz or Hz smartphones. This expression actually means refreshing the image on the screen per second. While the screen is refreshed 30 times at 30 Hz, the screen is refreshed 120 times at 120 Hz.

The increase in the renewal rate increases the energy consumption as well as the image quality. Samsung’s new generation LTPO display panels, on the other hand, can drop to 1 Hz and then increase to 120 Hz.

It was stated that this number could rise up to 70 thousand when Apple received a monthly panel guarantee of 30 thousand from Samsung.

It is claimed that the name of the model, which will be released in September, may be the iPhone 12S.


Currently, LTPO screens are used in Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 Pro. For this reason, it can be said that even if Apple uses this screen, it will prefer Pro models.


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