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How to open a Hotmail account?

Hotmail, one of the most widely used e-mail services in the world, is preferred by its easy use and superior features. How to open a Hotmail account? What are the ease of use of the Hotmail mail storage tool? Wondering about managing your Outlook session….

First, go to https://login.live.com/, which is the Outlook account opening page . Fill in the blanks on the page that comes before you. The Hotmail address you will receive will be in the form of abc@hotmail.com as an example.


There are several alternatives to the name “hotmail.com” in the second part: outlook.com – outlook.com.tr – hotmail.com – hotmail.com.tr – windowslive.com. The hotmail name you specified will warn you and even suggest alternative names to you if you have it in the system.
Outlook account opening process is that simple. Now you open a Hotmail account immediately .

Bing and MSN

Bing and MSN Materials. Articles, texts, photos, maps, videos, video players, and third-party materials made available on Bing and MSN are for non-commercial and personal use only. Other uses, including downloading, copying, or redistributing materials, are permitted only to the extent specifically authorized by Microsoft or its rights holders or permitted by applicable copyright laws. Microsoft or other rights holders reserve all rights under the license terms to materials expressly permitted by Microsoft, whether by implication, legal or otherwise.

Hotmail’s history

Hotmail was founded in 1995 by “Sabeer Bhatia” and “Jack Smith”. Hotmail, the first e-mail program that could be used via a browser at that time, became fully available on July 4, 1996. The name Hotmail was chosen because Jack and Sabeer evoke HTML letters while trying to find a name for their new service.

Hotmail login! We share Microsoft Hotmail Outlook account and login processes with you. So common in the world and a popular e-mail applications to millions of users reached with hotmail sign in the MSN login screen offers you the password change process, and the like.


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