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How to make hand sanitizer? DIY hand sanitizer

It is more difficult to measure alcohol content in homemade disinfectants, so commercial disinfectants are recommended. However, with a pinch, you can make an effective hand sanitizer at home. Here’s how to do it.


What you will need:

1 part aloe vera gel or glycerin
91% concentration 2 parts isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
Essential oil like lemon or lavender (this is an optional ingredient for the fragrance)
Clean containers for mixing and an airtight container for storage
Spoon or whisk for stirring


Combine the aloe vera gel or glycerin with isopropyl alcohol in a clean bowl. To get a cup of disinfectant, mix cup gel or glycerin with cup rubbing alcohol.
Mix well with your spoon or whisk to make sure the alcohol is evenly distributed all over the gel.
Mix five drops of essential oil, if using. This is completely optional and is only to improve the smell of the disinfectant.
Store the disinfectant in an airtight container. Alcohol evaporates over time, so an airtight container will keep your sanitizer effective for longer. A pump or squeeze bottle can minimize evaporation while keeping your sanitizer easily accessible – just make sure your sanitizer container is clean and airtight.



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