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How to make a moving Picrew avatar? Tik Tok Picrew avatar making

Grab a friend and try this new Picrew avatar craze to see what they think you look like.

Want to try a new TikTok challenge with your friends? The new Picrew trend allows you to design an avatar based on what you think your friend or other important person looks like. The reactions of some TikTok users are priceless as they see their friends customize for them.

The videos start with the TikTok user showing their real face, and then compare the avatar that their friends have created to look like them. If you’re curious about experimenting but want to see what others are up to, you can search for #picrew on TikTok.

Get your partner to start, but don’t worry if they don’t make your avatar “picture perfect”. (Some users gave their friends’ avatars a pretty big forehead, they were surprised.) Note that you have to create the avatar first through the Picrew website and then upload it to TikTok. Here’s how to do it.


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