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How to enable the eclosing keyboard on your iPhone or iPad?

Emoticons are, of course, like GIFs, as well as the salt and pepper of an online chat. The fact is that there are a lot of third-party keyboard apps in the App Store to choose from, but if you want to keep things organized and simple, you won’t go that far just for a bunch of new smiley faces.

If you want a series of extra e-eds on your iPhone or iPad’s default keyboard, you can easily get them using the correct keyboard language. These statements are not exactly classified, nor do they appear explicitly. Nevertheless, they are completely free and there is no reason why you should not try them.

How to enable the expressive keyboard on your iPhone or iPad

Open the Settings app and select General

Swipe down a little and tap on it until you see the keyboard option. Then tap Keyboards and choose Add New Keyboard.

Select Japanese from the language list. Then you will be presented with two options: Kana and Romaji. Select Romaji.

You can now tap the sphere icon on the keyboard to switch to the emoji language you just added.

With the language selected, tap the ‘123’ button, and then a list of unicode expressions will appear showing the unicode characters “^ _ ^”. Just tap the arrow button on the right to see the full list.


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