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How to become a publisher on Yandex Zen Register

Site owners, who have been working with various publisher networks for many years, provide the best gain with Google infrastructure and Adsense.

Having made a quick introduction as a search engine, Yandex has now offered site owners the opportunity to become a publisher and earn money, so how do I become a publisher.

Creating a Yandex membership to become a publisher is to proceed from here in order. After signing up, the advertising network will log in to the partner and follow the instructions to fill in your information and proceed to the approval stage.

After the confirmation

Create and configure sites while your resource is in control:

  1. Open the “Products” section.
  2. If your source is a desktop or mobile site, add a thematic or search site. If you have a mobile app – mobile.
  3. Using the “Edit” button, configure the site created and accesses create the ad and add the ad code to the site.


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