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How to be good when playing Valorant, improve your skills, practice

Riot Games’ new first-person tactical shooter has been booming since its release a few weeks ago. Players are trying to find an advantage that will help their team to victory and increase their own K/D ratios. You’ve probably been in the same boat since you finished this article, so let’s move on to some tips and tricks that can help right away!

Improve your Valorant skills

Change your sensitivity

If you’re an experienced FPS player, that’s probably one of the first things you did after you took down Valorant . But there are many players who do not understand the importance of good sensitivity settings. Be sure to go to the Settings area and fine-tune your sensitivity settings until you feel correctly.

Having trouble making 180 and hitting the target behind you? Try going a little higher. Do you always feel like you’re passing the plus sign past a target and missing it? Go down there. Still, don’t make a big adjustment at once, move slowly in one direction or another so that your muscle memory can be adjusted more easily.

Also note that you can change your plus sign in Settings. Make an effort to test each one and see which one works best for you.

Use the Purpose tutorial

Valorant has a built-in target trainer mode, and anyone who really wants to improve should use it. With the same weapons and repatriation models you play in the real game, jumping and achieving shooting targets is incredibly useful. Maybe that’s not the most exciting thing, but it’s all going to work when you jump into a match and realize that a lot more of your shots are connected.

Using the target tutorial is a great way to test these sensitivity changes and get used to your new plus sign. You don’t want to play a real match with all the new settings and spend the whole round meeting them.

Learn about delegates

A mistake that many players make is to focus too much on a Representative. While it’s a good idea to play and master the same often, make sure to learn the rest. If you’ve questioned how a competitor draws a fast wing or does something crazy with a Representative you’ve never played with, go find out about other Agents. Not knowing the capabilities of your opponents puts you at a great disadvantage.

There are currently 11 Agents in Valorant, and he’s probably on his way. It doesn’t take long to read all your skills and find out what they can do. To be honest, it is best to unlock each one and play a few games so you know exactly what they can do.

Track flows

This tip applies to almost all competitive video games, especially Valorant. Many people play this game for a living and stream it on Twitch and other platforms. Apparently, if you play the game 8+ hours a day, you’re pretty good at it. If you haven’t watched it, take some time and watch some of these publishers in action.

Just watching a good player first hand can improve the way you play, naturally you will start to choose better wings and make better decisions in the heat of the day. Try to find a publisher that explains why they do things when they’re playing. Some publishers are fun for other reasons, but if you really want to improve – look for a more serious publisher.

Practicing perfects

If you already know all these tips and use them, you probably need a little more practice. Keep in mind that the best players enter the game more than 60 hours a week in a frenzy.

If you’re not pursuing a career in Valorant (or you don’t have a lot of free time), you probably can’t beat these players. However, you can probably beat 90% of the players by just putting in a little effort and practicing every day.

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