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How to apply for the best interest rate guarantee

Copy of your bank statement. It should be noted that the payment of the first monthly installment of the loan brokered by our cooperation partner.

Copy of competitor offer. A copy of the competitor’s loan agreement must be available in full.

Your bank details so they can pay you the interest difference after checking the documents.

Note that documents must arrive no later than four weeks after the end of the cancellation period or, if the first installment has not yet been debited, no later than four weeks after the first installment of the installment loan.

What are the conditions for the best interest rate guarantee

The effective annual interest rate is the basis for the best interest rate guarantee. If this is lower than the loan brokered through our cooperation partner at another installment loan provider, you can return to our best interest rate guarantee.

The competing offer must be binding and must be exactly the same as the installment loan agreement concluded with our cooperation partner. This means that you already have the cheaper loan offer and your current loan corresponds 1:1 based on contract terms, for example loan amount and term.

The cheaper competitive offer is from the same bank as the loan brokered and used by our cooperation partners.

Competitor offer may not exceed 14 days after completion of the offered credit. This means that as a private person, you can withdraw from a signed contract with the right of withdrawal within 14 days. And it is precisely this deadline that you need to adhere to in order to submit the claim for the best interest rate guarantee.

Dealer, manufacturer, special conditions and real estate financing are not covered by the best interest rate guarantee.

How the credit rating is composed? How creditworthiness affects lending


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