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How much money is made with AdSense?

With Google AdSense, it’s possible to increase your revenue from the ads you receive while producing regular content. So, what is Google AdSense, what steps do you need to follow for effective use? Details can be found further down in the article.

What is Google Adsense, how much does it cost?

Today, almost all activities are shifting to the digital sphere. This raises the idea of generating revenue through digital media. You can turn the content you produce online into a revenue tool. With Google AdSense, it’s possible to increase your revenue from the ads you receive while producing regular content. So, what is Google AdSense, what steps do you need to follow for effective use? Details can be found further down in the article.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a very risk-free and easy method for those who prefer to make money online. If you have a website or Youtube channel, you can use Google AdSense to run ads and make money on those channels. According to the logic of this application, if there is a website that you create or a Youtube channel that you open, the advertiser or the companies will run their ads on your website or in your video. They also make money from the ads that are shown.

Google uses an algorithm when selecting ads that are suitable for websites. Controls the level of permission of the ads to run for specific content and audiences. Since the designs of the ads to be published are very different and variable, it is possible to find ads that are suitable for most websites. Google AdSense offers publishers a free tier.

How to open a Google AdSense account

Creating a Google AdSense account is a pretty simple process. There are 2 elements you need to have before you can create an AdSense account that you can create in just a few steps. These elements are as follows:

  1. Your own Google Account
  2. Own content

If you’re using a Google service, you already have a Google Account. If you’re not one of those users, you can continue the steps to create AdSense by opening a Google Account.

If you have original content and that content complies with the AdSense program policies, you can use Google AdSense.

After you’ve completed the preparatory steps to create an AdSense account, you can refer to the steps required to create your custom account. These are the ones who

  • log in to https://www.google.com/adsense/start/.
  • Click the Get Started button in the Google AdSense address you entered.
  • Continue by entering Google’s request information. You can enter the URL of your own website or the website you are using in the URL section.
  • It’s a good thing to say “yes” in response to the “Get useful information about AdSense to your email address” section at the bottom of the page. In this way, you can gain a broader information network.
  • After the transactions on this page are complete, open your Google Account.
  • Enter your country or region.
  • After you’ve read and accepted the AdSense Terms of Service, click Create Account.
  • By the end of all these steps, you’ve completed the process of creating your AdSense account.

What are the Google AdSense eligibility criteria?

If you want to receive ads about your content, it’s important that content meets the Google AdSense eligibility criteria. If your content does not meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be rejected. So what are the AdSense eligibility criteria?

  • You need to have a completely original and interesting content.

For your content to attract the audience you’re targeting, it needs to be high-quality and completely original content. For more information, please visit the https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/7299563 address.

  • You must ensure that the content you create complies with the AdSense program policies.

Before you sign up for Google AdSense, make sure your site or content complies with the AdSense program policies. You can review the AdSense program policies at https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182 address. According to the AdSense Terms of Service, it’s worth tracking changes to AdSense policies frequently because the user is responsible for tracking and information.

  • they must be over 18 years of age.

Google AdSense only approves applications from users 18 years of age and older, as specified in the acceptance requirements. There is a parental requirement for users under the age of 18. If your parent registers with AdSense with their own Google Account, you can use the app. However, if the AdSense account is approved, all payment and website responsibility lies with the adult, that is, the parent.

When you create a Google AdSense account with Youtube, Blogger, or another hosting partner, you can sign up for a hosted AdSense account. If you meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be approved. If your blog page or channel where you produce content is eligible for monetization with AdSense, you can create your AdSense account and link it to the products you need.

How much does Google AdSense cost?

If you’re thinking of making money with AdSense, check out Google Adwords, known as Internet Advertising. The higher the ad bids through Adwords per click, the more money AdSense makes those ads visible, and the website or content owners who get clicks on the ads they run can also earn that amount of money.

With AdSense, you can create an estimated report of your sales. To do this, you need to take into account certain criteria. How many people visit your website per day is very important at this point. If you think an average of 500 people have visited your site, Google Adsense can generate about 4-5 lira per day. The more visitors you have, the more you earn.

One way to increase your sales with AdSense is to open an English-language website. If you produce content in English, you can earn around $15 a day. This leads to a much more satisfactory result when viewed in Turkish lira.

How to tax Google AdSense revenue

Google AdSense revenue is usually persistent revenue, so taxes must be paid. What are the tax requirements for using AdSense?

  1. Capital or private company must be formed.
  2. In addition to starting a business, Google or other companies that make the payment must be charged.

Once these conditions are met, you will be subject to both income and corporate income tax, as well as VAT if you earn income through AdSense.

There are exceptions to certain conditions for people who earn income through AdSense. These:

  • If the income earner is under 29 years of age,
  • If the first person has started their business, they will not pay income tax on up to TL 75,000 of the income generated by AdSense.


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