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How is social bookmarking done?

Social bookmarking is one of the most important parts of the SEO Steps, you do not need to write any articles while social bookmarking, just add your Title – Title, Description Description and keywords of your site, the most valuable bookmarking site that I will recommend to you is İmleme.com because the bookmarks made on this site are immediately indexed by google reddit Already the best quality and most known bookmarking site worldwide, you can share both your articles and your website and earn quality and natural backlinks.
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How is Seo done? What You Need To Know

To do SEO, you need to know the on-site and off-site seo, if you give the user the actual desired content, it will be more effective in doing your SEO.If I give an example, the opening speed of your site should be very fast.For this, you should use wordpress if you do not use wordpress, reduce the number of posts on your site’s homepage again. If I will give 10 records, if it is displayed, reduce it to 2 or 3 and do not write your articles too long.If you want to keep the user on the site, write articles that do not exceed 1000 words and not every user reads long articles.

SEO STAGES On- Site Seo: In the on-site SEO that I will talk about briefly, give your images height and width value and each image has a …


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