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He’s going to graduate from both high school and college a week apart.

American Mike Wimmer impresses everyone with his intelligence. The 12-year-old is set to graduate from both high school and university next month.


As the world closed in on the corona virus outbreak, 12-year-old Mike Wimmer’s perseverance surprised onlookers.

Wimmer, who lives in the US state of North Carolina, quickly climbed the educational ladder, making good use of the one-year quarantine process due to the pandemic.

Wimmer decided to finish his education early during the quarantine process, and in the process, he took more courses and was awarded a 2-year high school and 2-year associate degree within a year.

Mike Wimmer will graduate from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College on May 21 and Concord Academy High School on May 28.

GPA 4.0

Wimmer said his GPA at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College was 4.0 and his high school gpa was 5.45.


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