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Google Assistant will be smarter now

Google says its new feature, which combines artificial intelligence and machine learning, can make more contextual sense of words and serve users more effectively.

It will be able to better understand sentences and questions, and learn difficult-to-pronounce words through users. Google has unveiled a new feature for the Assistant.

Google, which aims to offer the feature in English in the first place, says it hopes to activate it for other languages as well. After receiving the new update, the Assistant can be assisted with the correct pronunciation of the words, starting with your own name.

In addition, with this new feature, Google uses BERT technology that combines the same machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase contextual awareness. Let’s say you start a conversation about Miami and finally ask for recommendations for the best beaches, you know you mean the beaches in Miami. With this feature, the interviews with the Assistant are expected to become more natural and useful.

The company says it has completely rebuilt AI’s natural language understanding models to more accurately understand the context. It is now foreseen that the Assistant can follow when you change your mind in the middle of the sentence.


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