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Quarter gold is at 818 lira, Dollar at 8.61 TL and Euro/TL at 10.31. 18 June 2021 instant and current gold and dollar prices…

Quarter gold is sold at 818 lira and Republic gold at 3,337 lira. How much have the quarter gold prices been today? 18 June 2021 instant and current gold prices

The dollar/TL is above TL 8.61 following the central bank’s interest rate decision announced at 14.00. Euro/TL is also at 10.31.

The price of gold, which was above $1,850 before the Fed, fell sharply to $1,780 an ounce, the sharpest drop since January 8.

Silver fell from $28 to $26.7, while spot gold, which exceeded $1,900 last Friday, fell below its 200-day moving average above $1820, reversing resistance it saw in 1800.

The rise in the dollar has also negatively affected the exchange rates of developing countries, including the TL. The Mexican Peso lost more than 1 percent, while the dollar/TL, which was at 8.50 before the Fed’s decision, quickly rose above 8.60. Morning of June 18th dollar rate At $8.62.

Gram gold, which was close to an all-time high of 534 TL at the beginning of June with global gold prices and the rise in dollar/TL, lost up to 500 TL despite the fall in global gold prices.

The ounce of gold, which fell below $1,700 in March to its lowest levels this year, closed April and May with strong rises.

Gold, which recorded the biggest daily drop since January 8 following changes in the Fed’s forecasts and Powell’s statements, is trading around $1,797 an ounce on Thursday.



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