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Compensation sought by Kathryn Mayorga who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape

Kathryn Mayorga, who accused Juventus footballer Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her, has been ordered to pay compensation to the star.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who allegedly raped a model named Kathryn Mayorga in 2009, has been given new information about the matter. Cristiano Ronaldo, who took a woman he met in a nightclub to his hotel room in Las Vegas when he was 25, completely denies raping Mayorga.

Newly released court documents reveal the amount of compensation former model Mayorga has claimed from the star footballer. Mayorga is seeking £18m for past experiences, £18m for future problems and £18m for punitive damages. The 37-year-old is seeking a total of £56.5million in damages, including legal fees and expenses. That’s equal to the Juventus star’s two-year salary.

Mayorga received £270,000 in 2010 in exchange for not taking the matter to court as a result of an agreement with Ronaldo’s lawyers. Three years ago, however, he filed a civil lawsuit in Las Vegas, alleging that he was coercion during the settlement.


According to new court documents in British newspaper The Sun, Majorga’s legal team wants to question Ronaldo on the matter through Zoom. The lawyers submitted to the court a list of 60 witnesses they wanted to refer to. The list includes three police officers, Juventus President Andrea Agnelli, Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes and consultant Andy Quinn.

Speaking about the incident, Ronaldo said: “I absolutely deny the accusations against me. Rape is a heinous crime that goes against everything I believe in. However, while I am willing to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media show created by people who want to promote themselves at my expense.”


Ronaldo, who was 25 the night of the incident, was in Las Vegas on holiday with his brother-in-law and cousin. Mayorga, who works in a nightclub, claims he met Ronaldo in the VIP area of the venue, inviting him and a friend to his penthouse suite – room 57306 in Palms – to ‘enjoy the view of the Las Vegas Strip’. The luxury suite had a jacuzzi on the balcony. Mayorga claims she refused to go into the jacuzzi because she didn’t want to contaminate her dress. He says Ronaldo offered him some clothes to wear and told him to change them in the bathroom.

Court documents allege Ronaldo went inside and exposed himself before asking him to perform a sex act. Mayorga says he would let Ronaldo go if he had sex with her, but after refusing to do so, he kissed her and raped her in the bedroom. He says the Portuguese footballer said he was a ‘good man’ except for ‘one per cent’. Court documents filed by his lawyers allege That Mayorga opposed Ronaldo by shouting, “No, no.”

Former model Majorga reported the alleged crime to Las Vegas police the next day, but did not name Ronaldo. He then decided not to sue and signed the nondisclosure agreement in January 2010. Despite acknowledging the existence of the deal, Ronaldo’s lawyers said it was in no way a guilty plea.

But in September 2018, when the #MeToo movement appeared on social media, Majorca broke the deal by giving an interview and Las Vegas police reopened the case. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office announced that Ronaldo will not be prosecuted in 2019. “Based on a review of the information currently presented, allegations of sexual assault against Ronaldo cannot be substanked beyond a reasonable doubt,” the statement said.

The Portuguese footballer vehemently denies the allegations and said the accusations were ‘false’, claiming the sexual intercourse was consensual.


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