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Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed opens on Netflix on August 25

Bob Ross Documentary Will Tell Painter’s ‘Shocking Untold Story’

Bob Ross – curly-haired painter and host of 1983’s genre-changing educational art show The Joy of Painting – said his peaceful approach to painting and “no mistakes, just happy accidents” and “the joy of painting are friends you make along the way.”

Now, highlighting Ross’s immeasurable influence on today’s culture, Netflix is releasing a documentary titled Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal and Greed, which will cover the “shockingly untold story” of the famous painter’s life.

According to the documentary film directed by Joshua Rofé, “an ominous tale surrounding his name and the empire built on it, the slow betrayal of his trusted partners, who continued beyond his death in 1995,” will reveal the “once possessed” synopsis.

In addition to addressing Ross’ career records, the film will also explore legal battles for control over the Bob Ross empire, which includes business partners Annette and Walt Kowalski.

“With a keen appreciation for nature and a kind and gentle attitude, Bob Ross encouraged everyone he met to embrace their creativity and believe in themselves, and in the process became a cultural phenomenon,” the synopsis continues.

“The famous man, who said that there was no mistake, that there were only happy coincidences, brought complete pleasure to the world for decades. Beyond iconic hair, soothing sound and nostalgic pictures lies a mystery that many have yet to discover.”

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