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Bitcoin fell 1.28 percent, Ethereum fell 3.13 percent

Bitcoin, which fluctuated between $ 54,253.58 and $ 60,116.25 in the last 24 hours, fell 1.28 percent to $ 58,043.28, while the weekly earnings of the unit were calculated as 1.59 percent.


Ethereum, the second largest unit of the crypto money markets, also fell 3.13 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 1,784.77, while its weekly loss was 3.13 percent; market volume of the unit also decreased to $ 205.44 billion.

Binance Coin, the third largest unit of the cryptocurrency markets, fell 2.86 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 264.88, with a weekly loss of 6.24 percent; the market volume of the unit also decreased to $ 40.93 billion.


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