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Ancient temple cities to see around the world

Those who pursue the feeling of freedom know; Every country visited, every city visited, every ancient city you see adds some things to people. Witnessing different cultures, lifestyles and historical background is a difficult emotion to describe.

Ancient cities take their visitors from the 21st century to earlier periods of history. Each of the ancient cities scattered around the world is unique and incomparable. Of course all ancient temple cities are perfect destinations, but some stand out. Here are some of them …


Cambodia – Siem Reap: Angkor ‌Wat

‌Angkor ‌‌Wat, a temple that no one who sees can forget and those who haven’t seen yet, will never forget, is undoubtedly one of the most popular ancient temples in the world. ‌Angkor ‌Wat is located in ‌Siem ‌‌Reap, one of the most touristic cities of Cambodia.

The temple, which has been standing since the 12th century and offers a unique visuality thanks to its architecture integrated with nature, is considered sacred for Buddhism and Hinduism. There are direct flights from our country to the city of Siem Reap. Thanks to this, many people from our country visit this unique temple every year.

Lebanon – Bekaa: Baalbek

‌‌Baalbek, which has witnessed the birth of civilizations, houses the most magnificent structures in the world. The city, which is located in a valley in the east of Lebanon, is a very important settlement as it has hosted countless civilizations from Rome and the Byzantine to the Ottoman Empire, and it is a masterpiece that has become a trade center because it is one of the key points of trade.

Although BeşBaalbek, which has a history of five thousand years, has not received the value it deserves for years due to terrorism, it is revived and re-included in tourism with the peace environment provided. The must-see city of ‌Baalbek offers dozens of temples, big and small.

Mexico – Merida: Uxmal

‌‌Uxmal, another of the ancient temple cities that must be seen around the world, is located within the borders of ‌Mexico. This historical place, which is a Maya ancient city and located in the city of ‌Yucatan, is estimated to have been built in the 13th century. ‌‌Uxmal, a hidden paradise located deep inside the forest, is known for its rounded-cornered pyramids.

There is no other or similar of these structures mentioned. There are many ancient cities in the region such as ‌Uxmal. ‌Uxmal and other Maya cities, which are one of the est destinations that must be attended to the Mexican trip, are especially important for ancient city enthusiasts and history buffs.

Myanmar – Bagan and Yangon

Although its name is often featured in news such as natural disasters or massacres, in fact the ancient temples in ‌Myanmar are considered to be the most unique structures in the world. There are ancient temples in almost every corner of the land, formerly known as Burma and the new name Myanmar. One of the attributes attributed to the country, the country of 10 thousand temples clearly expresses the country’s riches.

The largest city ‌Yangon and the main center of temples ‌Bagan areas are perhaps the richest places in the world in terms of temples. In addition, destinations such as ‌Mandalay and ‌Sagaing also offer quite different beauties in terms of ancient temples. All of Myanmar promises majestic temples for tourists.

Greece – Athens

Our neighbor ‌An ancient temple list without mentioning the beauties of Greece remains incomplete. Athens, the capital of Greece, stands out not only with its cultural and touristic attractions, but also with its historical buildings. There are many ancient temples in the city.

While the Acropolis is a wonder of the world in itself, the ‌Partenon in it is dated to the 5th century. Apart from this, it is recommended to see all of the masterpieces such as TapınağıHephaistos Temple, ‌Erekhteion and ‌Olympian ‌Zeus Temple.


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