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Amazon declares war on counterfeit sellers

The e-commerce giant has been trying to prevent this situation with its actions in recent years while receiving complaints from its users about the sale of counterfeit products for years. Finally, we’re going to have to blocked more than 10 billion suspicious products to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods.

Amazon has declared war on counterfeit product sellers who have abused the trust of consumers, especially those who have turned to e-commerce during the pandemic period. Finally, last year, it announced that it had blocked more than 10 billion suspicious products.

Amazon has released its first report on the sale of counterfeit products, which it has been waging war on since 2019. Last year, the number of blocked products increased by about 67% compared to the previous year.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant said scammers’ presence on the site increased to take advantage of customers who shopped more online during the outbreak.


If brands know that fake versions are sold on the site, they may not want to sell their products on the site. And imitations can cause shoppers to lose confidence in Amazon. That’s why the e-commerce giant has been feeling pressured for a long time and has been taking stricter measures on this issue for some time.

Last year, he even set up a special team to detect counterfeit products. And the company destroyed 2 million counterfeit products before they could be sold. The company said less than 0.01% of all purchased products received fraudulent complaints from shoppers.

Amazon also said it could stop scammers from selling anything, thanks to machine learning technology that automatically scans lists to remove suspicious imitations. It also gives brands a way to remove fake products from the site themselves, rather than reporting them to Amazon and waiting for something to be done.


Behind the company’s efforts is that it feels legally pressured.

Senators Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Dick Durbin of Illinois reintroduced a bill this year known as the INFORM Consumers Act. According to the bill; verification of third-party vendors; they need to disclose their names and addresses to shoppers. The bill was introduced last year but has not been approved.

Online shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy reject the bill, fearing it could deter people from starting a small business and selling online. But the bill also has support from groups representing physical retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. Because physical retailers are already confident that there are no counterfeit products on their shelves, they believe that this will improve the industry.

Amazon said it spent more than $700 million fighting counterfeit products last year, with 10,000 people working on the issue. The company also began filing joint lawsuits with brands earlier this year.


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