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15.81-carat pink-purple Sakura Diamond priced at $25 million

At 15.81 carats, the largest and highest-class vibrant pink-purple Sakura Diamond ever seen at an auction has been valued at $25 million for a live auction scheduled for May 23 in Hong Kong.

The Magnificent Jewels live auction, scheduled for May 23 in Hong Kong, put a price of $25 million on the Sakura Diamond, the largest pink purple “high-end live” diamond ever seen at an auction at 15.81 carats.

The Sakura Diamond, which was first displayed before the auction and has a 2a-type interior perfection, is expected to be one of the most important stars of the Magnificent Jewels auction. In addition, only less than 10 percent of pink diamonds weigh more than 1/5th of a carat, officials said, noting that the 15.81-carat vivid pink purple Sakura Diamond is the largest of its kind seen at any auction.


Officials reported that this gorgeous gem was rated “high-class lively” because of its strong saturation and outstanding pink hue, and its striking pink hue with a secondary purple color reminiscent of the impressive color of cherry blossoms. The name “Sakura” of the diamond was said to be a name given to cherry blossoms, which in Japanese indicate the beginning of spring and bloom for a very short time.

The U.S. Gemological Institute (GIA) said only 4 percent of pink diamonds have a color deep enough to be described as “high-end living.”


“Christie’s presented some of the largest and rarest pink diamonds in history in our global sales halls, highlighted by The Winston Pink Legacy, which sold in Geneva in 2018 and still holds the auction record record per carat for a pink diamond,” Vickie Sek, Head of Christie’s Asia Pacific Jewelry Department, said in a statement. We are very honored to continue this beautiful tradition by presenting the Sakura Diamond in Hong Kong this season. This extremely rare and magnificent natural wonder represents a unique expression of identity and impressive beauty, with its impressive shale of purple pink that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of selective experts and collectors around the world.”


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