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106 anniversary of 18 March Çanakkale Naval Victory

Mehmetçik and the enemy fleet confronted on March 18, 1915. Turkish cannons and the mines laid by the Nusret Mine Ship exploded repeatedly. The enemy has been defeated.

Under the command of Atatürk and Mehmetçik, he won a victory after victory in Arıburnu, 1. Anafartalar, Conkbayırı and 2. Anafartalar. He crowned his naval victory with a land victory.

A strong faith, a great love for the homeland and a passion for freedom are at the heart of this epic victory. We gratefully commemorate our Çanakkale martyrs.


March 18 Canakkale

Clouds were all around,
It was a dark night, The
was pouring from the glass, it was falling like a heavy rain,
Rising from the ships of the seven heifers,
Cannon, rifle sounds,
He was groaning from all sides ,
Mustafa Kemal’s soldiers
were fighting like lions,
And Çanakkale was heroically,
giving salute to the enemy,

He was roaring from the hill,
Mustafa Kemal, the
enemy if he will set foot in my homeland,
What is necessary to live,
Until the last
soldier dies, You will fight lions,
The whole world will see,
What lions have given birth,
Emines, Hatches, Ages, Fatmas

Ali Osman Yilmaz


It says what the day has passed, the year has passed.
A thousand martyrs grave in every inch of land.
As long as he lives on earth, the only female beast.
Turkish nation writes the same epic again.

You sleep well, O glorious martyr.
Take the flag shaded in its shadow.
Which evil eye can you, the evil eye.
Turkish nation writes the same epic again.

The epic you wrote is enough for the seven worlds.
The sky dome is the moon, the star gives you greetings.
You made the pottery to the enemy.
Turkish nation writes the same epic again.

As the world turns, Çanakkale cannot be crossed again.
You have watered the soil with your blood, which creature does not know you.
You wrote the world who spoils the glorious history anymore.
Turkish nation writes the same epic again.

Sefik Aydemir


value is unknown by looking / my destiny Every opposing land is sacred for me You gave thousands of martyrs for my sake My
history notebook written with blood

I’m lying in my bosom valiant shot
Resurrection certainly you my witness in
this country went for the sake of youth
was martyred in rank from heaven

The homeland is burning like a hell The
world thinks we are defeated The
silent nation awakens
Alliances know Mehmetçi

There are many heroes here as soon as they are chosen Martyr’s
sherbet is not easy
drink Oman is passed in a moment of breath It is known that Çanakkale is not passable

This is the eternal home of the Turks
Every Mehmet struck a battalion of enemy
So the whole world heard the
glory Seven Düvels stood for salutation.

Listen, listen to me, understand, O my young,
Yigitler increases in my
bosom. My resistance increases. According
to the calendar written by your ancestor, I am very young.

Peacefully bless the soul who threw the soul
regret was the descendant of me
, my holy homeland forever
(This) Praise of thousands of unseen

O my young ancestor of the price paid
said the cowardly bosses in my country
Straight up, you do not hurt em Assign

Divine consciousness of his duty
His reputation was reverently spoken

Zeki İ. RED

Dardanelles Epic

He who does not live, does not risk death.
Victory goes to those who run without a blind eye. Those who do
not take their blood to the flag,
their tears go in divorce
If you want to win, then
fill the skies with your Thundering voice, the
hero who they call Victory
runs away from the fairy , Susan, and goes into excitement.
On this path, everybody is a boy, the
living people, the honorable dead, the glorious
, fighting for the glorious Home, his head is smoky
Always this glory, he goes to glory
Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel


They said Ç anakkale is impassable, it is not!
The mothers cried, the sons fought.
No matter what they said, they went to the front;
The mothers cried, the sons fought.
He is a child, a Turkish person is circumscribed
, some is a cadet , some is a high school student.
There is also
a network , a farmer, L a Ilahe Illallah! they all fought, they
won at the end of this great victory!

O son of martyrs, do not ask for a martyr from me, the Prophet is opening his mouth to you. We commemorate our saints martyrs with respect and gratitude.


Çanakkale is shedding blood
Mothers, fathers, ancestors are crying The
enemy soldier does not stand correctly
Çanakkale is martyred

Who knows which soldier
Who knows which homeland
are disappearing from this world without tearing their eyes

The mother lap soldier soldier who died without thinking of the
enemies in Çanakkal sper his own body

Now get rid of all turkey
soldiers thanks
to the importance you give your soul watts state
never hostile to ezdirme

18 March 1915 is the creation date of an epic woven with faith, determination and valor, rather than being a military and political achievement in Turkish history. Happy victory …


Thirty thousand martyrs in Çanakkale,
all brave from each other
He writes the dates from now on, mothers cry in Çanakkale.
My troubles, my worries, my strange state,
Blood-drunk mountains are like my enemies,
Neither mothers nor maids,
victories lie in Çanakkale.
The enemy has ambushed the roads of Çanakkale,
The mountains do not give way to many brave lions, I will be offended if you do not give way
, My
crazy heart wants to go with the glory.
Bullets were raining like rain, on our heroes,
a flag with the moon and stars was waving in the sky,
Let your space be paradise in eternity, in
Çanakkale, martyrs lie on their knees.
Haydar Turan


Thanks to
you, my ancestor, everything happened, we are grateful to you Atam You defeated the enemies and saved the country nation in the
battle of Çanakkale Atam O, for your thoughts, ideas, love, respect, courage, talent, My admirer Atam


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