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10 Spa Treatments You Should Try …

If we can’t go on vacation because of the pandemic, then let’s find some friends  , choose a spa  and  go for one of these  beautifying but affordable treatments !



This involves sitting in a steam room covered with three different types of mud for the face and body. The mud cleanses and smoothes the skin, causing a radiant glow, and the experience ends with a tropical rain shower. Another great news is that 4 people can share – so just choose which girlfriends you want to share from this world experience.


A professional salt scrub leaves the skin feeling moist, nourished and silky smooth. It also promotes a healthy glow. And if you’re going on a beach vacation, this is a must-have! I did this to me last year before going to the seaside for a week, and my tan has never been so smooth and beautiful!


It starts with a full body scrub and ends with a cleansing soap massage, but it will make you feel like a new woman. I’ve done this kind of thing at home, but it’s hardly the same when you do it yourself …


A completely relaxing experience, you will lie in warm water while swimming while remaining completely dry. Aromatherapy oils and soothing music create an atmosphere that will truly calm and tantalize your senses.


A facial massage that focuses on moisturizing the eyes and eliminating signs of aging.


A relaxing facial using luxury creams and aromatherapy oils that will brighten your skin and give you a very good salon. I do not get facial treatments by beauticians that I have never tried before or those who are not recommended by my friends. This is a very difficult procedure, so it’s better to make sure you are in good hands.


This is a nourishing, stress relieving and moisturizing massage using rich creams and aromatherapy oils to reflect your mood. But I suggest you go to a highly experienced, trusted beautician to get the most out of this procedure. Your entire experience will depend on how good he is at what he does!


You can get nail styling, manicure and polish for your hands or feet. I love this procedure… I feel like a new woman every time I get my hands and feet done and the best part is that I still smile whenever I look at my painted toes when I leave the spa. or on my well-groomed fingers for almost a week! That’s a lot of smiles, which makes it absolutely worth it.


This is an increasingly popular treatment that involves massaging the body with hot stones. This relieves tension and is very relaxing and for an hour or more. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve seen many photos of hot stone embroidery in magazines.

Thai massage

Full body Thai massage focusing on flexibility and improvement of muscle tone. It takes about a full hour. It may not be as relaxing as you might imagine, it actually hurts a little, but once you’re done, you feel your body is completely weightless. I went to a series of massages like this and felt the cellulite starting to disappear after the 1st session. I am not kidding!


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