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March 29 Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange

by imleme

Bitcoin (BTC) price is around 55 thousand 200 dollars / 447 thousand liras. After declining below $ 1 trillion in market size last week, BTC has risen above this level again.

ETH, the second largest currency in the markets, is traded at 1697 dollars / 13 thousand 729 liras.   

XRP, on the other hand, maintains its recovery that started last week. Ripple’s price is around $ 0.55 cent / 4.51 lira.

After rising from 7.2 to 8.4850 as the first reaction to the CBRT’s change in president, the dollar / TL, which fell below 8 again, increased gradually over the past week and closed the week at 8.0775.

The dollar / TL , which completed at 8.09, unable to hold below 8 lira last week  , is watching at 8.03 on the first trading day of the new week. Euro / TL  is traded at the level of 9.46.


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