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Last day for YKS preferences, PMYO TYT base scores, when is the KPSS exam? Are DGS exam locations announced?

by imleme

When is the last day for YKS preferences, PMYO TYT base scores, KPSS exam? Are DGS exam locations announced?

According to the 2020-DGS guide published in the direction of ÖSYM, the test will be held on August 9.

Accordingly, 2020 DGS test places are expected to be announced on Friday, July 31.

When will YKS preferences start and when will they end?

“We will publish the 2020-YKS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide today. The 2020-YKS elections will begin on August 6.

Our candidates will make their choices from http: // ​​between 6-14 August. I wish our candidates to be good. ”

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