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How to Verify Facebook Domain?

by imleme

Facebook Domain Verification allows you to manage / authorize editing permissions on your content and links to prevent abuse of your website domain name.

Reasons for Facebook Domain Verification

There are some reasons for Facebook domain verification:

  • Facebook domain verification ensures your security . You prove to Facebook that you are the owner of a domain name. In this way, you can prevent possible security gaps.
  • Facebook domain verification has also been made mandatory as of 2021 to collect data from iOS14 users . Now you need to add your events to the Batch Incident Metering for iOS14 users . For this, you need to perform domain verification.
  • If you want to activate the Instagram Shopping feature , you must also verify the domain in accordance with the Facebook Trade Manager Principles.

The three most important options for Facebook domain verification are as you can see above.

How to Verify Facebook Domain?

Here are the steps you need to follow for domain verification on Facebook:

Business Manager (Business Suite)> Business> Business Settings> Brand Safety> Domains

If it has not been verified before, click Add on the screen above

Enter your domain address in the domain name section on the screen above. Be careful not to precede “https”, “https” and “www”. Click on add domain and refresh the page 1 time.

You will see the screen above. You can verify the domain in 3 different ways:

Add a DNS TXT record to your domain server to prove you own the domain. Most domain servers allow this, but the steps to follow for each service vary.

Upload an HTML validation file to your website. To do this, you must have administrator access to your website’s root folder. This process will instantly verify your domain.

Place the meta tag with the verification code in the section of your website’s home page. (paste the code between <head> </head>)

As you can see above, the easiest method for Facebook domain verification is the 3rd method for me. Just like adding Facebook Pixel code, you will have successfully verified the domain when you copy and paste the meta-tag code given to you right above the pixel code.

Domain Verification with Meta-tag Verification

For those who don’t know, I wanted to show you the verification process with meta-tag verification in detail. Since my website is powered by WordPress, I will show you how to validate a domain name on a WordPress site.

However, even if your site’s infrastructure is not WordPress, you can paste this code on the part of your site where you add Pixel or ask your web developer to paste this code in the appropriate place.


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