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How do you intend to fast? Is it possible to fast without an intention?

by imleme

Intention is one of the conditions of fasting. Unintentional fasting is not considered correct. If it is enough to intend from the heart, it is necessary to express the intention in language. Getting up for sahur for fasting is also considered as intention.

The Messenger of God (PBUH) stated that there is “abundance” (Bukhari, Sawm, 20) in sahur meal and stated that sahur meal is one of the most important differences between the fasting of Muslims and the fast of the people of the book (Muslim, Sıyam, 46). Based on his words and practices regarding sahur, the jurists said that getting up for sahur and delaying sahur is sunnah (Kasani, Baâî ‘, II, 105).

Intention of Starting Fast

And the city of bismuth ğadin neveyti, ramadan

Meaning: I intended to fast tomorrow of the month of Ramadan.

(Kâsânî, Baâî ‘, II, 85). For these fasts, absolute intention in the form of “to fast tomorrow” is sufficient. However, it is more virtuous to make an intention at night and to fast in the form of “the fast of Ramadan tomorrow”.

Prayer while breaking the fast

Allâhümme innî stain sumtü and bike âmentü and ala rizgıke eftartü.

Meaning: O my God! I fasted for you, I believed in you and broke my fast with your sustenance.

Suhoor Prayer

The Prophet said, “O our AIIah, who is the Lord of this night and the sahur that will soon happen in a while … We will be able to break our fast by being free of our sins while making us go to iftar …”

Sahur prayer: “Allahumma inni es’elüke bi rahmetikellti vesiat kulle thing”


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