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Approval from the Competition Board for OYAK’s acquisition of Sagra

by imleme

Oyak’s agreement with Sanset Gıda for the acquisition of the Sarelle, Tadelle, Gol, Sagra Special and Gofy brands and Sanset Gıda’s factory in Ordu, together with Sagra, has been approved by the Competition Board.

OYAK’s agreement to buy Sagra, the 85-year-old brand of the Turkish chocolate products market, has been approved by the Competition Board.

According to the purchase agreement with Sanset Gıda approved by the Competition Board, Sarelle, Tadelle and Gol brands joined OYAK Group Companies together with Sagra. The purchase is scheduled to be completed after obtaining other legal permissions and approvals.

“Sagra and I have made a strong entrance into the food sector. After evaluating the opportunities in the market by focusing on innovation, we aim to increase the product range and number of brands and reach a rich portfolio. We plan to reach an important volume in food exports with high value-added products and thus make an important contribution to hazelnut producers throughout the Black Sea. Together with the increase in market share and exports, we aim to provide serious opportunities for employment in the Black Sea region, especially ordu.”


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