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30 March gold prices; Dollar, euro, BTC, ETH and XRP how many

by imleme

30 March current quarter and gram gold prices. Dollar and euro how many? How many dollars was BTC, ETH and XRP? Here are the details …

While USD / TL starts the day above 8.25, euro / TL is valued at 9.75 with an increase of approximately 1 percent compared to yesterday.

Quarter gold is bought from 725 TL, and Republic gold from 2,955 TL.

Gold prices are hovering around $ 1,706 as of this minute, after starting the week at around $ 1,730 per ounce.

Bitcoin (BTC) also gained almost a percent value and rose above 57 thousand 700 dollars / 477 thousand liras. Bitcoin’s market size also reached $ 1 trillion 74 billion.

Ethereum (ETH), on the other hand, gained more than 6 percent. The price of ETH was 1808 dollars / 14 thousand 964 liras.

Ripple (XRP), on the other hand, continued to rise. The price of XRP increased more than 3 percent to $ 0.5788 / 4.79 lira.


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