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2021 Fiat 500 Hey Google: You can get a Google branded Fiat 500

by imleme

2021 Fiat 500 Hey Google Edition. True, if you live in Europe now you can get yourself a Google branded Fiat 500, but what sweet, sweet search engine-themed design touches are there?

It has 15-inch wheels and a silver instrument cluster. Available in Gelato White, Pastel Gray, Vesuvius Black, Pompeii Gray and Blue Italia colors. There are also some dot decals in the B column in Google’s corporate colors, as well as seats featuring the same motif as well as “Hey Google” engravings.

The most important thing about Hey Google 500 (and L and X) is the integration of Mopar Connect Services with Google Assistant. Together, they allow you to use natural speech to interact with your vehicle and interact remotely with smart home devices linked to your account.

Hey Google 500 includes a Nest Hub with a letter telling you how to set everything up to work together.


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